A list of the puzzles and their solutions for this year.

January Edit

  1. Molly Hatchet: 'Whiskey Man' (LP-Flirtin' With Disaster) (Epic)
  2. Foghat: 'Chateau Lafitte '59 Boogie' (LP-Rock And Roll Outlaws) (Bearsville)
  3. Kiss: 'Cold Gin' (LP-Kiss) (Casablanca)
Connection: Alcoholic drinks


  1. Boston: 'The Journey / It's Easy' (LP-Don't Look Back) (Epic)
  2. Jethro Tull: 'Rainbow Blues' (LP-War Child) (Chrysalis)
  3. Survivor: 'Chevy Nights' (LP-Premonition) (Scotti Brothers)
Connection: The name of other bands in the song titles.
No connection this week
  1. Toto: 'Child's Anthem' (LP-Toto) (CBS)
  2. Aerosmith: 'Last Child' (LP-Rocks) (CBS)
  3. Kansas: 'Questions Of My Childhood' (LP-Leftoverture) (Epic)
Connection: Childhood


  1. AC / DC: 'Back In Black' (LP-Back In Black) (Atlantic) - (TV should have played 'Hells Bells')
  2. Jethro Tull: 'My God' (LP-Aqualung) (Chrysalis)
  3. Stone The Crows: 'Big Jim Salter' (LP-Teenage Licks) (Polydor)
Connection: maybe deceased band members - Bon Scott, John Glascock and Jimmy McCulloch
I remember Tommy playing the "wrong" track, which suggests that the song title is significant. "Hells Bells", "My God" and "Stone The Crows" are all interjections. We will have to wait until the 9th March episode comes to light for the correct answer - Brigit.
  1. Eric Clapton: 'I Shot The Sheriff' (LP-461 Ocean Boulevard) (RSO)
  2. Led Zeppelin: 'The Ocean' (LP-Houses Of The Holy) (Atlantic)
  3. Yes: 'Ritual' (2xLP-Tales From Topographic Oceans) (Atlantic)
Connection: Ocean.
No connection this week
  1. Jeff Beck Group: 'Hangman's Knee' (LP-Beck Ola) (EMI Columbia)
  2. Doobie Brothers: 'I Cheat The Hangman' (LP-Stampede) (Warner Bros)
  3. Led Zeppelin: 'Gallows Pole' (LP-Led Zeppelin III) (Atlantic)
Connection: Hangman


  1. Stanley Clarke: 'I Know Just How You Feel' (LP-Time Exposure) (Epic)
  2. Yes: 'Into The Lens' (LP-Drama) (Atlantic)
  3. Focus: 'Hocus Pocus' (LP-Moving Waves) (Polydor)
Connection: Photography
  1. Gentle Giant: 'Convenience (Clean And Easy)' (LP-Civilian) (Chrysalis)
  2. Blue Oyster Cult: 'Dominance And Submission' (LP-Secret Treaties) (CBS)
  3. Van Halen: 'Mean Street' (LP-Fair Warning) (Warner Bros)
Connection: Brothers in each of the bands, Shulmans, Bouchards, Van Halens


  1. Supertramp: 'The Logical Song (LP-Breakfast In America)' (A&M)
  2. Accept: 'London Leatherboys (LP-Back To The Wall)' (Portrait)
  3. Hanoi Rocks: 'Devil Woman (LP-Oriental Beat)' (Lick)
Connection: possibly places (America, London, Hanoi)

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