This strand began in 1985 following the demise of the Friday Night Connection. It had the same music (Van Der Graaf Generator's Theme One), had a reward if your selection was chosen (a £12 record token, rising to £15 in 1987, and a FRS patch), but ditched the competition element of the earlier strand in favour of a playlist selected by a listener. The compiler's name is in brackets, if known.

Chronological list of playlists setEdit


  1. Rush: 'The Spirit Of Radio (LP-Permanent Waves)' (Mercury)
  2. Jefferson Starship: 'Jane (LP-Freedom At Point Zero)' (RCA)
  3. Deep Purple: 'Knocking At Your Back Door (LP-Perfect Strangers)' (Polydor)
  1. AC/DC: 'Ride On' (LP-Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap) (Atlantic)
  2. Gillan: 'Fighting Man' (LP-Mr Universe) (Acrobat)
  3. Hawkwind: 'Hurry On Sundown' (LP-Hawkwind) (Liberty)
  1. Ozzy Osbourne: 'Forever (LP-Bark At The Moon)' (Epic)
  2. Ted Nugent: 'Wang Dang Sweet Poontang (2xLP-Double Live Gonzo)' (Epic)
  3. Motorhead: 'Iron Horse (LP-No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith)' (Bronze)
  4. Iron Maiden: 'Transylvania (LP-Iron Maiden)' (EMI)
  1. Siouxsie & Banshees: 'Israel' (LP-Once Upon A Time) (Polydor)
  2. Metallica: 'Fade To Black' (LP-Ride The Lightning) (Music For Nations)
  3. Peter Gabriel: 'Family Snapshot' (LP-Peter Gabriel 3 (Melt)) (Charisma)
  4. U2: 'Tomorrow' (LP-October) (Island)
  1. Steve Miller Band: 'Going To The Country (LP-Number 5)' (Capitol)
  2. Flying Burrito Bros: 'Hot Burrito #2 (LP-Last Of The Red Hot Burritos)' (A&M)
  3. Little Feat: 'Cold Cold Cold / Tripe Face Boogie (LP-Feats Don't Fail Me Now)' (Warner Bros)
  1. Scorpions: 'Holiday (LP-Lovedrive)' (Harvest)
  2. UFO: 'Terri (LP-Mechanix)' (Chrysalis)
  3. Thin Lizzy: 'Still In Love With You (2xLP-Live And Dangerous)' (Vertigo)
  1. Groundhogs: Cherry Red (LP - Split) Liberty
  2. Montrose: Rock The Nation (LP - Montrose) Warner Brothers
  3. Curved Air: Hide And Seek (LP - Air Conditioning) Warner Brothers 
  4. Family: The Weaver's Answer (LP - Family Entertainment) Reprise
  1. Paul Kossoff: 'Molten Gold (2xLP-Koss)' (DJM)
  2. Led Zeppelin: 'Your Time Is Gonna Come (LP-Led Zeppelin)' (Atlantic)
  3. Whitesnake: 'Here I Go Again (LP-Saints & Sinners)' (Liberty)
  4. Hughes/Thrall: 'First Step Of Love (LP-Hughes/Thrall)' (Epic)
  1. Iron Maiden: 'Rainbow's Gold (B-side, 7", 12"-2 Minutes To Midnight)' (EMI)
  2. Scorpions: 'Polar Nights (2xLP-Tokyo Tapes)' (RCA)
  3. Whitesnake: 'Gambler (LP-Slide It In) (Liberty)
  4. Thin Lizzy: 'The Sun Goes Down (LP-Thunder And Lightning)' (Vertigo)


  1. Rainbow: All Night Long (LP - All Night Long) Polydor
  2. Queensryche: Queen Of The Reich (EP - Queensryche) EMI
  3. Quiet Riot: Metal Health (LP - Metal Health) Epic
  4. Kiss: I Love It Loud (LP - Creatures Of The Night) Casablanca
  1. Metal Church: The Dark (LP - The Dark) Elektra
  2. Metallica: Disposable Heroes (LP - Master Of Puppets) Elektra
  3. W.A.S.P.: Jack Action (LP - The Last Command) Capitol
  4. Iron Maiden: Heaven Can Wait (LP - Somewhere In Time) EMI
  1. Magnum : The Spirit (LP - Chase The Dragon) Jet
  2. W.A.S.P. : Wild Child (LP - The Last Command) Capitol
  3. Saxon: Waiting For The Night (LP - Rock The Nations) EMI


  1. Rainbow: 'Man On The Silver Mountain (LP-Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow)' (Polydor)
  2. Judas Priest: 'Exciter (LP-Unleashed In The East - Live In Japan)' (CBS)
  3. Black Sabbath: 'N.I.B. (2xLP-Live Evil)' (Vertigo/Phonogram)
  1. Europe: 'On The Loose (LP-The Final Countdown)' (Epic)
  2. Gary Moore: 'Parisienne Walkways (LP-Back On The Streets)' (MCA)
  3. Kiss: 'Cold Gin (LP-Kiss)' (Casablanca)
  4. Metallica: 'Whiplash (LP-Kill 'Em All)' (Music For Nations)
  1. Robert Plant: 'Big Log (LP-The Principle Of Moments)' (Atlantic)
  2. Scorpions: 'No One Like You (LP-Blackout)' (Harvest)
  3. Yes: 'Owner Of A Lonely Heart (LP-90125)' (Atlantic)
  4. Jeff Beck: 'Ambitious (LP-Flash)' (Epic)
  1. Metallica: Orion (LP - Master Of Puppets) Music For Nations
  2. Agent Steel: Never Surrender (LP - Unstoppable Force) Combat
  3. Iron Maiden: Wasted Years (LP - Somewhere In Time) EMI
  1. Demon: Don't Break The Circle (LP - The Unexpected Guest) Carrere
  2. Y&T: Anytime At All (LP - Down For The Count) A&M Records
  3. Queensryche: Take Hold Of The Flame (LP - The Warning) EMI
  4. Judas Priest: The Sentinel (LP - Defenders Of The Faith) CBS
  1. Megadeth: 'My Last Words (LP-Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?)' (Capitol)
  2. Cult: 'Rain (LP-Love)' (Beggars Banquet)
  3. Gary Moore: 'Out In The Fields (LP-Run For Cover)' (10)
  4. Warlock: 'Vorwärts, All Right! (LP-True As Steel)' (Vertigo)
  5. Steppenwolf: 'Born To Be Wild (LP-Steppenwolf)' (Stateside)
  1. Judas Priest: 'Turbo Lover (LP-Turbo)' (CBS)
  2. Krokus: 'Long Stick Goes Boom (LP-Alive And Screamin')' (Arista)
  3. Ozzy Osbourne: 'Paranoid (2xLP-Randy Rhoads Tribute)' (Epic)
  4. Anthrax: 'Caught In A Mosh (LP-Among The Living)' (Island/Megaforce Worldwide)
  1. Exciter: 'Feel The Knife (12")' (Music For Nations)
  2. Alice Cooper: 'Billion Dollar Babies (LP-Billion Dollar Babies)' (Warner Bros.)
  3. ?
  4. ?
  1. Styx: 'Babe (LP-Cornerstone)' (A&M)
  2. Kiss: 'C'Mon And Love Me (2xLP-Double Platinum)' (Casablanca)
  3. Magnum: 'Sacred Hour (LP-Chase The Dragon)' (Jet)
  4. Queensrÿche: 'Take Hold Of The Flame (LP-The Warning)' (EMI America)
  1. Hanoi Rocks: 'Million Miles Away (LP-Two Steps From The Move)' (CBS)
  2. Black Sabbath: 'Heart Like A Wheel (LP-Seventh Star)' (Vertigo)
  3. Megadeth: 'Boots (LP-Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good!)' (Music For Nations)
  4. Manowar: 'Mountains (LP-Sign Of The Hammer)' (10)
  1. Accept: 'Burning (LP-Breaker)' (Passport)
  2. Crimson Glory: 'Azrael (LP-Crimson Glory)' (Roadrunner)
  3. Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force: 'Soldier Without Faith (LP-Marching Out)' (Polydor)
  4. Led Zeppelin: 'Black Dog (LP-Untitled)' (Atlantic)
  1. Kiss: 'Calling Dr. Love (LP-Rock And Roll Over)' (Casablanca)
  2. UFO: 'Doctor Doctor (LP-Phenomenon)' (Chrysalis)
  3. Mötley Crüe: 'Jailhouse Rock (live) (LP-Girls Girls Girls)' (Elektra)
  4. Poison: 'Look What The Cat Dragged In (LP-Look What The Cat Dragged In)' (Music For Nations)
  5. Cinderella: 'Shake Me (12"-The Live E.P.)' (Vertigo/Phonogram) [1]
  1. White Sister: 'Promises (LP-White Sister)' (Heavy Metal America)
  2. Metallica: 'For Whom The Bell Tolls (CD-Ride The Lightning)' (Music For Nations)
  3. Whitesnake: 'Love Ain't No Stranger (LP-Slide It In)' (Liberty)
  4. Bon Jovi: 'Shot Through The Heart (CD-Bon Jovi)' (Jambco)
  1. Pink Floyd: 'One Of These Days (LP-Meddle)' (Harvest)
  2. Aerosmith: 'Rag Doll (CD-Permanent Vacation)' (Geffen)
  3. Slayer: 'Postmortem (LP-Reign In Blood)' (Def Jam)
  4. AC/DC: 'Down Payment Blues (LP-Powerage)' (Atlantic)
  1. Black Sabbath: 'Planet Caravan (LP-Paranoid)' (Vertigo)
  2. Judas Priest: 'Screaming For Vengeance (LP-Screaming For Vengeance)' (CBS)
  3. Venom: 'Warhead (7")' (Neat)
  4. Blue Öyster Cult: 'Astronomy (LP-Secret Treaties)' (CBS)


  1. Rush: 'Losing It (LP-Signals)' (Mercury)
  2. Marseille: 'Lady Of The Night (LP-Marseille)' (Mountain)
  3. Led Zeppelin: 'The Immigrant Song (LP-Led Zeppelin III)' (Atlantic)
  4. Sweet: 'Sweet F.A. (LP-Sweet Fanny Adams)' (RCA Victor)
  1. Jethro Tull: 'Hunting Girl (LP-Songs From The Wood)' (Chrysalis)
  2. Hawkwind: 'Rock Your Paths (2xLP-Live Chronicles)' (GWR)
  3. Rush: 'Limelight (LP-Moving Pictures)' (Mercury)
  4. Yes: 'Parallels (LP-Going For The One)' (Atlantic)
  1. Lone Star: 'The Bells Of Berlin (LP-Firing On All Six)' (CBS)
  2. Blackfoot: 'Dry County (LP-Marauder)' (ATCO)
  3. Alice Cooper: 'The Black Widow (LP-Welcome To My Nightmare)' (Anchor)
  4. AC/DC: 'Sin City (LP-Powerage)' (Atlantic)
  1. Scorpions: 'The Zoo (2xLP-World Wide Live)' (Harvest)
  2. David Lee Roth: 'Perfect Timing (LP-Skyscraper)' (Warner Bros.)
  3. Tony MacAlpine: 'Autumn Lords (LP-Maximum Security)' (Vertigo/Squawk)
  4. Ratt: 'Dance (LP-Dancing Undercover)' (Atlantic)
  1. Rainbow: 'Spotlight Kid (LP-Difficult To Cure)' (Polydor)
  2. Crimson Glory: 'Azrael (LP-Crimson Glory)' (Roadrunner)
  3. Black Sabbath: 'The Sign Of The Southern Cross (LP-Mob Rules)' (Vertigo)
  1. Vinnie Vincent Invasion: 'Boyz Are Gonna Rock (LP-Vinnie Vincent Invasion)' (Chrysalis)
  2. Alice Cooper: 'He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask) (LP-Constrictor)' (MCA)
  3. Megadeth: 'Devil's Island (CD-Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?)' (Capitol)
  4. Twisted Sister: 'We're Gonna Make It (LP-You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll)' (Atlantic)
  1. Traffic: 'Stranger To Himself (CD-John Barleycorn Must Die)' (Island)
  2. Metallica: 'Last Caress / Green Hell (12"-The $5.98 E.P. - Garage Days Re-Revisited)' (Vertigo)
  3. Camel: 'Captured (CD-Pressure Points)' (London)
  4. Fairport Convention: 'Come All Ye (CD-Liege & Lief)' (Island)
  1. The track chosen was Galaxy Blues, but TV declines to play it for unstated reasons.
  2. Marty had a Polish surname that Tommy didn't attempt to pronounce.

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