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You are very welcome to add new pages. Pages on the Friday Rock Show Wiki should follow a basic format, as listed below. To keep a unity of style across the site, please consult the guides and use the templates on them when creating these kinds of pages.

Guides and templates Edit

(Also available in the Help section on the front page.)

For show pages. These are basically named by the broadcast date.

Other pages Edit

There are other kinds of pages that may be created, for subjects including people (non-artists), record labels, radio shows, stations, etc. No templates are available for these, but you are very welcome to add a page on any FRS-related subject.

To create such types of new page, enter the title in the box below. Then add your add your content, preview, and save ("Publish") when finished.

Questions Edit

If you have any queries about creating new pages for John Peel Wiki, please contact the founder, who will also help if you wish to be considered as an administrator.